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For submitting films to the 4th BRUGGGORE Filmfestival
The BRUGGGORE Filmfestival accepts only feature length films matching the description fantastic, horrific or obscure and have been completed after October 2022. Submissions not related to those genres or that are older, will be disqualified if no good reason is given.
Films can be submitted in the competitive category "fresh from the grinder". Furthermore, the festival will show retrospectives in the non-competitive section rotten meat which are selected exclusively by the Program Directorate.
Submissions can be submitted from July 1, 2023 onward through Filmfreeway or directly via e-mail. Direct submissions of the screener can be submitted via private or password protected link (eg Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) or as a download link (eg Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.). Further we would need the following information: director name, production company / producer name, production year, country, genre name.
BRUGGGORE charges the following submission fees (additional fees that occur through Filmfreeway, Festhome or through data transmission are not included and are to be paid for by the submitter).


Until October 31, 2023

CHF 15


Until January 31, 2024

CHF 30

The festival jury consists of at least three members, who will decide over the Official Selection of the festival. All Selected films will receive the festival laurel "Official Selection BRUGGGORE Filmfestival". From the Official Selection the festival jury will select five films which will qualify to participate at the audience contest.
The BRUGGGORE Filmfestival Audience Award endows CHF 5,000.-, which will be paid in full to the director(s) of the winner film.
The festival jury may award another prize and thus honor particularly outstanding achievements.
Those who submit a film confirm that they own the necessary rights and allow the BRUGGGORE Filmfestival to show the film at the festival. BRUGGGORE Filmfestival will be showing the film during the festival period in the cinema. There is no online evaluation. The festival can show trailers, pictures, movie posters and similar material of the selected films via its online and offline channels.
We only accept digital data, at least in full HD resolution (1920x1080), preferably 2K Scope (2048x858) or 4K scope (4096x1716) respectively. Soundtracks need to be delivered in 5.1 or higher - exceptions can be made for low-budget productions. Data delivery in DCP, ProRes or H264.
Movies that are not spoken in English or German, need to be submitted with a dialogues list or subtitles in English or German. At the festival all films will be shown in their original language, if possible with German subtitles.
Deadline for all submissions is January 31, 2024. Selected films will be notified at the latest on February 28, 2024. The winner of the audience award will be announced on Saturday April 27, 2024.
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